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I was asked what I didn’t like about the latest chapter(s) and one thing was Rebecca because damn that woman is a fucking gladiator and I really wanted her to kick some asses, maybe side by side with her daddy (since that doffy-dude-I-forgot-his-name is pretty tough) but she definitely doesn’t need any saving ok she can take care of things SHE’S SUPER STRONG, wasn’t one of the reasons for her ridiculous armor to show off how no one in the arena was able to leave any serious scars on her?? speaking of ridiculous armor, i just can’t bring myself to draw that so I designed my own so yea sorry for the rant. *huffs*

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Those two make quite a good pair. http://ift.tt/1mZRMRN

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a sweet day!!! (+closeups b/c oh my god my hand hurts)

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Still not sure what’s up with Marco’s hair

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i dont think i’ve ever drawn brook before

i got 500 followers earlier in the week, thanks guys <3

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imageidk they’re kinda cute

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